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Colombia is Bleeding
Nellie McKay is having trouble getting her new album,Pretty Little Head,released, apparently due to the content of artistic differences with the record label. The best song on the album, and one that is particularly mentioned in this regard, is “Columbia is Bleeding”, her vicious portrayal of college life while students are oblivious tothe animal torture going on around them.
However, it seems like the song might really be more appropriate fora different Colombia. Here, then, are those lyrics…
another day beginsyou check the newsah-sass-ih-nay-she-unshere come the footstep of the man who’ll end your lifethe rifle’s is fitted inand there you arethe shot is targetedthen a scream
hold your placard up / cold and coffee cupafter go to a barhand your flier out / must admirehow dedicated you arei don’t wanna know if biz is boomin’or the goods you make are on salei don’t wanna know ‘bout your“saintly glow” or your “noble” showor if you think you ought to bail
Chris Hogan / she had to runlast night’d been a lot of funbut now it’s french / a little tenseshe hadn’t done the readingthere she sat / hoped to passdidn’t think to face the factthat oh by gosh o lack o lasscolombia is bleedingwalkin’ down / off the busVicky Lucas crossed campus wasthinkin’ how she’s made it nowthat successful feelingwalked by fast / hoped to pass 
no clue ‘bout the shirt she hasand while she’s sittin’ in lit classcolombia is bleeding
the union is in townand there they arethe forces come on downthen a scream
everybody knows protesters are thoseschmoes who don’t have a lifesee these businessmen seeking profit andhave to suffer such strifei don’t wanna know if the world is flator you can’t check your emaili don’t wanna knowif your cell won’t work or that guy’s a jerkor if you think you ought to bail
generalize, proselytize, verbs were spillin’ out their sidesas Charles Eise buys his supplies gets ready for a meetingtried for track / hit the matdidn’t think to face the factthat while he’s thinkin’ “man, that’s wack!”colombia is bleedingquite a snob he didn’t tipnice guy Rob watched the eclipseand looked around / “i’ve made it nowi’m just so glad to be here”made a pass / got hand slappeddidn’t think to face the factthat while he’s mackin’ on that asscolombia is bleeding
the catholic religiondecides to help the poorwhile we rename the school inwhich we train the menandthen a scream
they’re just criminals / make good worker cellspushing drugs and diseaseempire’s pretty fun / we got power, sonwe can do as we pleasei don’t wanna know ‘bout your drug war claimsor how it’s gonna faili don’t wanna know if you need to show you’re a real madmanor you think you’re gonna bailhail!
Tee-Tee Green / pressed mezzanineended up beside the teamand gave a cheer / got some beerswith friends who started drinkin’back with Zach said “i look fat”didn’t think to face the factthat while she’s under self-attackcolombia is bleedingRodney J. began to prayhis momma lost her life that dayhad been a year / it wasn’t clearif he was safe or screamin’as he jabbed the bible flaphe didn’t think to face the beastof profiteering that killed the priestcolombia is bleeding
this is america
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January  4, 2006